“My goal is to help the fundraising profession move in a positive, new direction by focusing on what is most important: mission, purpose, and heart.”

Carol finds her mojo in the classroom. A teacher, educator, and community advocate, Carol holds degrees in special education from University of Arizona, Eastern New Mexico University, Indiana University, as well as post-doctoral work from University of Pennsylvania. She spent the past 17 years in higher education as a faculty member, department chair, and most recently, project director for the education department at LaSalle University. 

A voracious reader who turned a clothes closet in her home into a mini library, Carol has written local, state and federal grants, as well as articles and book chapters in educational programming and curriculum development. In her free time, she loves to write poetry (David Whyte is her favorite poet), drive sports cars on winding roads, and travel with her husband John to visit her children and grandchildren in the Midwest. At Crouch & Associates, Carol leads the content team in the research and development of national curriculum for professional fundraisers that supports emotional, relational, and vertical intelligence.