Genuine Gratitude

I’ve never been happier to spend $300 on a flight in my life.

Several days ago, I boarded a Delta plane from Raleigh to Atlanta, the first leg of a two-segment flight home. I’d just been consumed with four consecutive days of client and senior team meetings, and as I hustled through the airport to my gate and into the aircraft, follow-ups and to-dos ran through my mind. Like we all do, I gave my “small portable electronic device” and its e-mails, texts and alerts all my attention until takeoff. The flight attendant’s and pilot’s announcements were just background noise.

Joy to the World

Many of us interact through social media, which can be a great tool to stay in contact, but it doesn’t foster deep connection. For example, I might see on Facebook that my cousin Sara just had a baby. I find myself thinking “Oh wow, cousin Sara just had a baby, how nice.” Now I feel connected to her since I am informed about her situation. I also might reach out and say, “Congrats” on her Facebook page.

Climbing The Mountain! (Part 2)

Five years ago, in May of 2012, I found myself a couch potato, overweight and not happy with many things in my life. I had begun walking for exercise, but my feet were constantly hurting and causing me pain, thus influencing my mindset of “do I really want to exercise”. I walked into my neighborhood Fleet Feet Running Store, simply to get fitted for a nice pair of walking shoes. 

The Upside Down Rug

I used to wonder what in the world people were doing.  Did you ever feel that way? Why is that girl wearing an earring in her nose?  Why does that guy have tattoos all over his body?  What’s with the purple hair? Or the multi-colored finger nail polish?  I just didn’t get it