"Bill, your fundraising knowledge and advice go far beyond any dollar amount. What an amazing gift you have given Passport.  I am so thankful to you for your time, energy and work to make this campaign happen."

Passport, Inc.

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“We engaged Crouch and Associates in March 2017 for direct consulting with our Executive Director. One of the most valuable tools they brought to the table was the 6 x 6 Report. This report allows goals to be broken down to manageable tasks and allows the user to focus on the process versus worrying about the goal. We highly recommend this tool and will continue to use it with our staff.”  

Miracle League of the Triangle


"Crouch & Associates doesn't sell a product, tool, or educational symposium. They sell the concept of building relationships."

Lorene King Executive Director, Nascar Foundation


“Bill Crouch & Associates were masters of pointing out the obvious to our foundation, the fundamentals we had been overlooking for many years!  Individual relationship development that connects donor passion (their WHY) to our foundation’s WHY seems so simple, but we all too often ignore these basics to chase non-productive (and expensive) galas and events.  I highly recommend Bill Crouch and his firm to guide your organization back to the basic fundamentals that yield a very high net return on invested effort!”

Bill Bowers, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

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“The Emotional Intelligence work done for our major gift officers by Bill and his staff has allowed us to do a lot of revealing self-evaluation and develop individual improvement plans going forward.”

Lennie Barton, Meredith College

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Bill Crouch and his team at Bill Crouch Associates have provided invaluable fundraising education for members of the Institutional Advancement staff at High Point University.  His experiences as a successful fundraiser and college president position him and his talented associates as experts in their field.  Bill combines education on both the hard and soft skills that are critical to a high achieving fundraising operation.

Chris Dudley, High Point University


"Bill’s skills should be bottled and prescribed for every fundraiser—professional or volunteer—who seeks to do this work right." 

Dionne Jackson, Assistant VP, Leadership Gifts, Lehigh University

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“I thought yesterday was very insightful. Well worth doing. Your whole process continues to be like no other consultant I have ever worked with. No fluff, no "big dream", everything has a purpose that moves us forward one step at a time. Thank you!”

Jan Meriwether, Barton College


“I think one of the things that is great about “the Crouch Way” is the persistent encouragement and guidance to be more purposeful and targeted.  I’m realizing how much I need that and how it can help me be so much more focused and productive.  I’ve spent so much time letting the little, unimportant tasks dictate how my day plays out that I get off track.  I haven’t done enough to keep myself focused and organized. You are showing m a completely new way of doing things and it’s starting to take shape for me.  I am thankful for all of this.”

Jessi Marsh, Light of Life Rescue Mission