We take your organization from where it is to where you want it to be and build sustainable, successful resource development programs.


We understand your organization’s heartbeat and assess those responsible for making things happen

We start by exploring an organization's "WHY” – your group’s ultimate purpose and calling. We also use our proprietary assessment tool – the Profile XT Development Star – to determine gifts, opportunities and tendencies of key team members. We understand who they are and how they work best. We identify areas that need improvement, focused on building a team member’s wisdom skills (everything from pace to assertiveness to judgment to manageability).

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We teach organizations how to convert first-time donors into lifetime donors

Realizing that less than 25 percent of first-time donors ever make a second gift to the same charity, we know how to reverse this trend. We teach our “dead skate” stewardship strategy, help you create a storybook and provide emotional development content to inspire lifetime donors.

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We consult with you to cut major donor prospect cultivation time in half

Our team is unique and built to deliver unforeseen strategies and results for your donor portfolios. We customize fundraising and prospect development strategies that help development professionals learn new approaches for inspiring donors to sacrificial generosity.

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We grow staff members to their highest impact yet

Again, it’s all about Wisdom. Our performance consultants – who thanks to our assessments know your team members intimately – step in with special training that creates higher levels of emotional, social, cultural and relational intelligence. To double down on this commitment to top performance growth, we provide accountability partners who keep your staff inspired, disciplined and focused on the most important things.


We train boards how to maximize their roles both individually and collectively

Armed with an arsenal of success stories and resources, we evaluate a board's performance compared to The Advisory Board Company’s report on PITFALLS TO EFFECTIVE BOARD STRATEGY.  We then introduce the Crouch & Associates seven-step process for improved board impact. We’re humbled that several of the top non-profit brands in the world swear by our system!